Sunday, November 8, 2009

allow me to share some videos

the following videos aren't related in any way other than that they entertained me recently.

sign of the apocalypse-bacon cheese doughnut burger-this guy is PISSED!

penelope has been my favorite part of snl for the past couple of seasons. this one is from last night's episode and it's just as amazing as all the rest.

this is from the blind pilot show last week. it's a cover of gillian welch's "look at miss ohio" and it is incredible. it's a great song and i especially love this cover of it because i can tell that they really like playing it. god, i love them.

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jane said...

Look at Miss Ohio is one my BFF's favorite songs. I used to have Josh Rouse cover of this song. Good stuff.

also, i love Kristen Wiig. she is the best!