Thursday, December 3, 2009

the amazing mr. anderson

i would say that, overall, wes anderson is my all-time favorite director. i absolutely adore all of his movies. i can't really think of a good way to express how i feel about them. they just make sense to me.

on sunday i saw the fantastic mr. fox and let me tell y'all, wes did not disappoint with this one! i found myself so enraptured with the set and the puppets. i just couldn't believe that everything was handmade. that blows my mind! i think the sets belong in the smithsonian. no kidding, they are truly a masterpiece! and it's not just a great movie in visual terms, the story and cast are wonderful too. i hope to see it again very soon, perhaps this weekend.

anyhow, i thought i'd leave you guys with some of my favorite videos from/about the movie. and please go see it!

in this first one, pay special attention to :48 in and 1:38 in...those are two of my favorite parts of the entire movie!


Jane said...

ive been wanting to see this movie for weeks! i need to go this weekend!

stefanie said...

let me know what you think of it!