Sunday, December 6, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

at least it looks like christmas over at picnik!

i'm sure i did something like this last year but i can do whatever i want here, this is my blog. i'm going to list some of my favorite christmas movies and songs. the names in parenthesis are my favorite artists who perform said christmas song.


silver bells
blue christmas (bright eyes)
i'll be home for christmas (holly conlan)
last christmas (jimmy eat world)
xmas cake (rilo kiley)
happy xmas (war is over) (the original as well as polyphonic spree)
baby it's cold outside (leon redbone w/ zooey deschanel)
have yourself a merry little christmas (james taylor)

i could probably go on and on and on but i'll stop there.


home alone 1 and 2
the original miracle on 34th street
love actually
edward scissorhands
family stone (but good god, that movie is sad)

and honorable mention to a couple of tv shows with great christmas episodes

the oc (chrismakuh!)
my so-called life (the episode with juliana hatfield? i die!)
how i met your mother
and for the dark/morbid, the pilot of six feet under

what are your favorite christmas songs/movies/tv shows??

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