Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm going back to my city by the bay!

it's no big surprise around this blog that i love san francisco. it's probably my favorite place that i've ever been. for the last few years, i've gone to visit at least once a year. until april of this year i had some awesome friends who lived there but they've relocated to new york city. the last time i went out there was in july and we had to stay at a hotel instead of kerry and josh's house, it was so weird! i had a fantastic time though and it was fun to explore a different part of the city than usual.

one of my friends is going to be working in san francisco for 6 weeks starting this weekend so a group of us have decided to go out to visit while he's there. i am sooooo excited! we leave 30 days from today, not that i'm counting or anything. ha! i've never been there for any reason other than to see a concert though. it's going to be great to have a little more freedom as far as plans and timing goes. cold war kids are playing at the fillmore that weekend but we're all going to be on a pretty tight budget so i doubt we'll make it to that.

i'm trying to find a fun, fairly inexpensive hotel for us to stay in. i stayed at hotel kabuki in july and i LOVED it but i don't know if i want to stay at the same hotel again. it's a safe decision but i'd like to check out another neighborhood as well. i'm so torn! i'm also thinking about the phoenix hotel because i know people who have stayed there a bunch and they seem to really like it. i guess we still have a little while to lock in the hotel plans. all of our flights were purchased today, within about an hour of making it "official". it's all happening!

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