Tuesday, December 22, 2009

post-it note tuesday: holidays and whatnot


Shell said...

I take it your sis got fired this week or something else equally awful? SCROOGE indeed!

Anonymous said...

I wish you and the ham a very happy holidays!

Visiting from Supah's. Merry Christmas!

carissajaded said...

I can't believe your sis got fired on Christmas week! May that man get a bad case of the runs... Merry Christmas to you!

Travis said...

Can we add my name to that ham thing?

I heart ham.

Oh dear. And ham gravy.

Listen, I'm gonna go eat.

Clevelandpoet said...

mmmmmm cookies now please.

and I will send good thoughts your sister's way and thoughts of the runs toward the bosses way

SupahMommy said...

- i second that.. SCROOGE AND GRINCH.

Happy HOlidays! Im hungry now !

xoxox supah

stefanie said...

for the record, my sister was actually laid off. whatever, she still suddenly became unemployed the week of christmas. her ex-boss is a turd!