Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first celebrity crushes

this may change the way you all think of me but...i feel you should know who my first celebrity crushes were.

REM was my first favorite band. my uncle was (and probably still is) a huge fan of theirs. he used to buy me their tapes for christmas. i've always attributed my current intense love of music to REM. they taught me how to love music. and i don't care what anyone says, i think he's still a very handsome man. obviously, when i was 9 years old i didn't know anything about his sexuality. and, honestly, i don't care if he's gay, straight or asexual. i think he's beautiful and brilliant.

around the same time i was falling in love with REM, my sister was knee-deep in her own romance with u2. i never really cared much for their music but i've always cared for their sexy, sexy drummer. he's a babe, ridiculous earrings or not.

who was your first celebrity crush? be honest, we're all friends here.


Lizzie said...

Mine was Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees! Which is extra hilarious because, looking back now, I think he was the least attractive.

stefanie said...

HAHAHA that's pretty hilarious!

Centrechick said...

I loved Mickey Dolenz too! Nevermind that he was like 50 and I was in love with Mickey from the '60s when MTV aired the old episodes!

But my earliest crush, I think, was Robert Downey, Jr. Which means I've had a crush on the man since likely BEFORE YOU WERE BORN.

I started early. :)

stefanie said...

before 1983? wow! he's not a bad first crush.