Friday, January 15, 2010

i knew 2010 was going too well

i was laid off from my job yesterday. what a fucking bummer. i honestly did not see it coming AT ALL.

one of my first thoughts was, "i probably shouldn't go to san francisco next weekend." but the more i thought about it, the more i knew i was still going to go. i've already paid for my flight, we're staying with a friend and we've already decided that it will be a budget friendly weekend. i've been looking forward to this trip for too many weeks to back out now. i would be absolutely devastated if i didn't go. and i'm already devastated that i don't have a job so i think i deserve a little getaway.

but i'm so not in the mood to look for a job. ughhh job hunting is the worst :(


Centrechick said...

Twitter doesn't allow enough space, I did want to say I'm glad you're still going to SF. I hope you have a great time and I know you'll take some A-mazing pictures!

stefanie said...

aww, thanks, charlotte! you know i'll post them all, even if they aren't a-mazing. haha!

Anonymous said...

yah on top of not touring for 3 months, i lost my job at the label..basically as a cutback

apparently it was decided on in december but i wasn't told until january AND was in the process of buying a house already..great..

impeccable timing.