Thursday, January 28, 2010

kind of like oprah's favorites episode

i'm a pretty simple gal. other than my love of photographic equipment, i have pretty simple things. i probably rank about halfway on the "materialistic scale". that being said, if i were able to host a mega-giveaway a la oprah, these are some of the things i would give y'all.

i wore my new TOMS the entire time i was in san francisco. i wear flat canvas shoes all the time and usually after a few hours my feet hurt like crazy. we did a lot of walking and not ONCE did i suffer from foot pain. how is that possible!? it's a miracle. i highly recommend these shoes to anyone. they are unbelievably comfortable! i plan to purchase a few more pairs in the next couple of months.

this thing is SO MUCH FUN! i love being able to quickly capture a video and more importantly, easily share said video.

fuck your snuggie. there, i said it. okay, i don't actually own a slanket but you can bet your asses if i were to buy some sort of blanket with sleeves, it would be the slanket. i've had a crush on the slanket for over 2 years, since i first saw it in sky mall. yes, i said that too. don't judge me.

you can't just have a video camera. you need something small and handy for still shots too. i am head-over-heels in love with this camera. and guess what? at least 4 of my friends own the exact same one! well, not exact same. dana has red, alison has gold, and laurie and erin both have black. i have the black one too. but, seriously, this thing is more than just a sleek looking camera, it also takes great pictures.

i own several criterion collection dvds and i am nearly certain that this one is my favorite. the special features are just fantastic!

i don't care who you are, you will love this stuff. it is a phenomenal product and it smells divine!

i've never actually had a badge. i've done wristbands and i've gone without anything. i would love to someday have a badge but i'm definitely not in a position to spend $700 on any one item right now. it is my favorite week of the year though!

so, that's it for now. i know i'm no oprah but what can i say? these are some of my favorite things.

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Jessica said...

OK.OK. I hope you laugh when you read this but I totally thought that your bottle of lotion said BioSex and for like 2.5325 seconds I was, "WUUUUUUUTTTTT the hell?!"

P.S. I'm checking out the Toms page. Never have, but I've heard so many amazing things.