Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a san francisco story

alright, this is probably gonna be loooong but totally worth the read :)

i spent the night at amber and lolo's on thursday night so we could all wake up at the crack of dawn and head to the airport. we got there super early because amber and i are both anal about that type of thing. we had a flight to denver, a 35 minute layover, then a flight to san francisco. our flight leaving austin was delayed a little which made me super nervous about making our connection. well, we were in no danger of missing our connection because it ended up being delayed 2 hours due to fog over san francisco. we did what most normal people would do and headed to the bar. the 2 hour delay went by pretty quickly and the next thing we knew, it was time to board. we had a good time taking pictures on the plane!

when we got to san francisco we took BART down to meet kelly and lori. they scooped us up on the street and we headed to john's office to get him and drop our bags off. we wandered around the financial district for a while until we finally found a place to eat. it was a late lunch and most places in that area close around 1:00 and don't open again until dinner. we ate at cafe zoetrope and it was quite delicious.

cafe zoetrope is located on the bottom floor of the beautiful sentinel building.

after lunch we walked around a bit before heading back to john's office. we found this adorable little park that we cut through to get back to sansome.

then we all got cookies at specialty's which were super yummy!

we all took the muni to john's apartment to decompress a little. showers were taken, drinks were had, games were played, and then sarah arrived! shortly after she got there we headed back out to meet some of john's friends. since there were so many of us we had to take 2 cabs. the cab that lori, amber, lolo, and i were in was driven by a total weirdo. as soon as we got in he said, "i ask that all my passengers turn their cell phones off or on airplane mode because i get a migraine headache from the signals." uhhh, okay. he proceeded to do unusual things the entire way to the bar.

we went to this place called murphy's pub for a little while. it was pretty much like any bar ever. our original plan was to go to a bar across the street but there was a pretty long line and none of us were into that.

the line outside the other bar died down so we headed over. it's called rickhouse and it specializes in artisan cocktails. it was absolutely incredible! and totally reasonably priced. it turns out rickhouse was just listed as one of the top 10 coolest bars in the world by food and wine magazine. how cool!

the berry bramble with vodka=the yummiest drink ever. our mixologist, amanda, put strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in it. it was to die for!

we didn't get much (if any) sleep on friday night but we managed to get out of john's apartment by 9:30 on saturday morning to go to the farmer's market, pick up our rental mini van, and head up north.

it rained on us at the farmer's market but right after we got north of the city it stopped. our first stop was the muir beach overlook.

we continued north a little further and arrived at stinson beach. we had a lovely lunch at the sand dollar restaurant. right after we got back in the van from leaving the restaurant it started raining, but the sun was still shining. we drove around for a few minutes and looked at some of the cool houses then decided to go park by the beach to wait for the rain to stop. that's when we saw our first rainbow.

the rain stopped quickly and we all walked down to the beach where i took a million pictures. it was just so amazing, i couldn't stop! i'll spare you the repetitive stuff.

on the way back to the car we decided to take a silly group picture in front of our van. kelly found a guy to take it for us and i'm pretty sure he was cracking up the entire time!

the license plate on our van was from nebraska. it really cracked me up to think of a van full of the 7 of us driving all the way from nebraska :)

we headed back towards the city but made a quick stop at one of my favorite places, the marin headlands overlook.

after we got back into the city john drove us down lombard street. it's been years since i've been there!

when we finally got back to john's we sat around for a couple of hours. showers and naps were taken, project runway was viewed, then we finally got it together to go get some dinner. we walked a few blocks to papalote and crammed into their tiny dining area. it was super yummy! in fact, i wish i had my left over quesadillas right now. except, they would be about 4 days old and that's kind of gross. anyway, after dinner we walked over to the 24th street BART station and got off at the 16th street station. we walked several blocks and ended up at bi-rite creamery. while we were waiting in line (there's always a line) we got free cocktails! there was some sort of clothing boutique next door that had hosted an art opening earlier in the evening. they had left over drinks (vodka and ginger ale with lime) so they brought them out to the people waiting in line. it was great!

after we left bi-rite we got on the muni back to john's. we were all beyond exhausted. when we got back to the apartment we watched some silly internet videos and then rented the hangover. i had never seen it before so i forced myself not to fall asleep because i wanted to see it. oh man, it was great! it was a perfect way to end the day. i wish i could describe saturday in a way that would make you all understand it but i just can't. you had to be there. but it was honestly one of the best days of my entire life. the soundtrack for our drive was mostly gomez and led zeppelin and that alone is pretty damn great.

on sunday morning sarah and i woke up wanting donuts. luckily, there is a great little donut place one block from john's apartment so we walked up there and got donuts for everyone. the rest of the morning was spent showering and packing. we did not want to leave. it was such a perfect weekend. going back to reality is not awesome but it must be done.

and if for some reason you desire MORE pictures than are in this post, there are an assload of them here.

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