Thursday, February 25, 2010

movies movies movies

when i got laid off i thought maybe i should cancel my netflix subscription. i mean, it's an added expense that i don't really need. but then i figured that i would need something to entertain me during this period so i decided to keep it. i've used netflix a couple other times in the past, as well as blockbuster online. i re-subscribed to netflix in august and was sooooo lazy about it. i kept movies for WEEKS (and i'm talking weeks) at a time. since being laid off, though, i've watched:

broken flowers
sunshine cleaning
i'm not there
i love you, man
whip it
into the wild
watcher in the woods
death proof
planet terror
pineapple express
one flew over the cuckoo's nest
i'm reed fish
the hangover

i'd seen several of those movies before but i re-watch movies so many times it's ridiculous. i also watched all 10 episodes of party down, season 2 of weeds, and several episodes of fawlty towers. i'd say that i've made up for those few months where i was so lax about using the service.

also since being laid off i've taken myself on three movie dates. i saw up in the air, fantastic mr. fox (for the second time), and an education. i absolutely loved all of them.

now i just need to start reading (books, not blogs) a little more.

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