Thursday, February 25, 2010

sxswristbandless and an auntie update

for the past couple of years i've had a wristband for sxsw. in 2008 i only used it a couple of times but last year i used it A LOT. i spent a lot of time debating whether i was going to get one this year or not. i went over and over and over it in my head for weeks. i finally decided not to get one. i really shouldn't spend any extra money right now since i don't have a job. plus, i do really love all the free day parties and that's just going to have to be enough for me this year. there are only a couple of bands that i really want to see that i haven't seen before. i will probably survive if i don't see them. on the plus side, since i won't feel like i'm squandering my time/money, i can finally go to the auditorium shores shows. the one i really want to go to is saturday night because she & him are playing. i missed them every time they played sxsw 2 years ago. sure, auditorium shores is a total clustercuss during sxsw but i don't think i'll mind so much.

so, as some of you know, my sister and her husband are expecting their second child near the end of july. for weeks i've been convinced that it's a girl. with nels, i was convinced it was a boy and i was right. well, this time i was wrong! we found out yesterday that it's another boy. none of us could believe it! i'll admit i was slightly disappointed because i wanted to shop for a little girl! there are so many cute clothing options for girls. i've bought shower gifts for friends recently who had girls and it was so much fun to pick out the little outfits. but i guess now that i know it's a boy, i'm just going to have to start another baseball card collection for him. i love my nephew more than you can possibly imagine so i'm very excited to meet his new guy and fall in love with him. i just hope he's lower maintenance than nels!

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