Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pictures, snow, plans...

i posted my favorite pictures from the silent auction in this flickr set. you should check out jenn's blog about the auction because she's said everything i could say, and more.

did you know that it snowed in austin today? it actually snowed a fair amount but none of it really stuck. some of the snowflakes were HUGE, like cotton ball sized. it was nuts.

tomorrow is looking like a pretty busy day for me. i realize it's not actually a busy day, but for a lady of leisure it is! 

lunch with jenn (12:15)
sister's dr's appointment (1:40) (we should find out the sex of the baby!)
dinner at my sister's (6:00)
trivia at mister tramps (7:30)
god knows what after trivia (hopefully no karaoke this time)

i've been getting a little bored without a job lately so it's nice to have days like this to keep me occupied. 

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