Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my top tune

i was just poking around on my last.fm profile and decided to write a blog about my most listened to song, according to their charts. what that means is my most listened to song in itunes, which is definitely my actual most listened to song. it's a tight race but the winner (today) is a song called blindsides by a band named buddy. i am an enormous buddy fan so it's no real shock that one of their songs would be at the top of my chart. right now i have 22,316 plays and 51 of them were blindsides. i don't even think that blindsides is my favorite buddy song but maybe it is?

want to hear blindsides? well here you go!

want to hear more? go to itunes and search "alterations and repairs" and just buy the damn thing. i have pretty amazing taste in music so i don't think it will be a surprise to y'all that buddy's album is magnificent. and maybe someday their new album will actually be released!