Tuesday, February 9, 2010

an open letter to concert goers

there are actually going to be two letters in this post. 

dear mulleted super fan lady,

i appreciate your enthusiasm for joseph arthur. i'm sure he appreciates it as well. what i don't appreciate is you and your 2 hen friends cackling next to me ALL night long. whisper whisper cackle whisper cackle cackle. yeah, that's super annoying. another thing i don't appreciate, and joe probably doesn't either, is all of your freakin' flash photography during the show. seriously? is this your first concert? are you not aware how obnoxious that is? because i'm here to tell you, it's extremely obnoxious. 

a fellow concert goer

ps-if you're really a "super fan" wouldn't you buy tickets to the show, rather than weaseling your way onto the guest list? i've been on a guestlist a couple of times and i worked my ass off for the band to earn my spot on that list. near as i can tell, you didn't hang any posters or do any sort of promoting. you just brought annoying friends with you who also got in for free, taking the seats of people who were happy and willing to pay their way into the show. 

dear snooty blonde lady who paid $1050 for a painting,

first off, nice move starting a bidding war while you were on the phone. i guess that makes you look important? i'm not sure. to me, it made you look like a fucking bitch. 

second, just because you bought a painting on friday night doesn't really earn you the "right" to get you and 3 other people into saturday's show for free. see above letter about people willing to pay their way in who weren't able to because of you, your equally annoying friend, and your douchebag husbands. 

and lastly, this also addresses the feeling of entitlement you seem to possess because you bought the aforementioned painting, SHUT THE FUCK UP. you guys were so loud and rude during the entire show on saturday, it was hugely annoying to everyone within 6 rows of you. 

a fellow concert goer

to both of you ladies, i say, "nice manners." 


Bonnie said...

Amen! The bidding war, self-importance woman and her group were incredibly annoying on night two. Oh yeah, and when she saw G get a pick for me she had to push her way past me and demand her own.

Bonnie said...

I forgot to mention how rude and tactless it is to loudly boast about how "my painting is way better than that one".

Centrechick said...

The really stupid thing is that I've found that stage lights + flash photography end up with shitty pictures!

When JA was in Mpls, the crowd was OVERLY polite. It was nice, but I think it kind of creeped him out a bit.

He didn't sell any paintings, however. We might have had a similar situation if he had.

stefanie said...

i think there are certain venues where talking loudly and clanking glasses is more acceptable. the cactus cafe holds AT MAX 150 people, in rows of chairs. it's just an intimate experience where every little sound and movement is a disruption to those around you.