Thursday, February 11, 2010

an unexpected trivia night

i've been playing trivia with my team at pluckers on wednesdays for over 2 years now. however, some fun friends of mine have started playing at mister tramps on wednesdays as well. i could never bring myself to go with them because i felt like i would be cheating on my team. well last night many of my team members weren't available so i decided to skip pluckers and try out mister tramps. their trivia night is run by geeks who drink and it's structured very differently than pluckers. one very noticeable difference is team size. at pluckers you can have as many team members as you want but geeks who drink mandate that each team may have no more than 6 members. my team ended up being totally awesome! i'm not sure how many teams were there last night but it was probably somewhere between 15 and 20. after the first couple of rounds we were tied for 1st with 3 other teams. then a couple rounds later we weren't even in 3rd place! that was kind of dejecting but we scrambled our way back to the top. yes, that's right. WE WON! i couldn't believe it. our team was a really good fit, i guess. we all contributed in some way.

after trivia i went out with jacob, chris, derek, and pat (the quiz master). jacob suggested buddy's on burnet because it was close. so we went and it was awful. no windows. no liquor. no one under the age of 65. no one who isn't there every night of the week. luckily they closed at midnight so we were forced to go somewhere else. the bartender at buddy's suggested common interest which is a karaoke bar about a block away. for some reason that sounded like an amazing idea to us so off we went. i was the only one who didn't participate in the karaoke. derek sang "don't rain on my parade" by barbra streisand (it was wonderful!), chris and jacob sang "just a friend" by biz markie (it was so much worse than i ever imagined it could be), and pat took the stage right as some technical difficulties began to occur. somehow "butterfly" by crazytown came over the speakers but no words appeared on the screen. oh, and that's not the song he chose. but being the amazing sport that he apparently is, he did some sort of free-style rap to crazytown and it was the funniest shit ever. after that was over, they fixed the glitch and he got to sing his original song choice, "stay" by lisa loeb. haha it was awesome!

it was such a fun, random night.

and check out this great picture of our team:

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