Thursday, February 11, 2010

let me tell you about my scar

it's been a while since i've been inspired by one of mama kat's writing prompts but i was just talking about the scar on my leg last week so i figured what the hell!?

Mama's Losin' It

in july of 2005 a bunch of friends and i set off to tube the upper guadalupe. i guess if you're not from this area, you may have no idea what that means. well, check out this site to get a brief understanding. it was my third weekend in a row to go to the river and the previous 2 trips had been eventful, and not in a good way. i really shouldn't have gone at all but at that point in my life i couldn't resist a trip to the river, especially if i didn't have to drive.

immediately upon jumping in the river, something happened and it did not feel good. it took me a few minutes to realize that i had hit a rock and cut my leg. only, i didn't just cut my leg, i sliced the whole damn thing open. something that you should understand about tubing, if you've never been, is that the tube people drop you off up the river from the rental place so you can float back and return your tubes with ease. we had just been dropped off in the middle of nowhere and the only way to get anywhere at that point was to get in my tube and float. unfortunately the guadalupe river is full of urine, feces, vomit, and other bodily fluids. i tried my best to keep my leg out of the nasty water but it didn't matter. i ended up getting a horrible infection and missing several days of work. ugh.

but here's the real reason for this post...the pictures! they're not too nasty but they certainly aren't rainbows and bunny rabbits.

right after the incident, which occurred on july 2

july 4

july 8

july 12

july 15

july 17

and i guess that's when i stopped taking pictures of it. the healing process was very, very long. i had nerve damage surrounding where the actual wound was. it was awful. the whole experience was a nightmare and i haven't been back to the river since then. i don't really miss it at all either. maybe someday i'll tell you about the 2 trips leading up to the sliced leg day. 

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Caren said...

Yikes! You poor thing, that is one of many reasons I will never go tubing. Never! I don't think the story would have been the same without the pictures. I love it that you took progressive pictures, that's how I define a true blogger or scrapbooker, or both...

I found you from Mama Kat. I linked up with the Do and Don't list. Thanks for an interesting story!