Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a bad video because i can and some stories about juggalos

except in the opposite order.

you guys know what a juggalo is, right? aside from it being a hilarious word, it's also a hilarious person. in less than 24 hours i had not one, not two, but THREE "juggalo moments."

juggalo moment number one: on monday night i was watching law and order (regular law and order, which is somewhat rare for me as i usually only watch svu these days) and there was a small storyline involving juggalos (or is it juggaloes?). i nearly died laughing. god, it was hilarious.

juggalo moment number two: i went to hole in the wall later that night to see black nasty with my friend alicia and her boyfriend. while i was at the bar waiting to be served the guy next to me started telling his friends about how he had been over at so and so's house a couple of nights ago and they watched a documentary about juggalos. i actually laughed out loud when i heard that. alicia and i had just been discussing how funny the law and order thing was so i was dying to run over and tell her what i had just overheard.

juggalo moment number three: yesterday i was watching this video for the millionth time this week and i started reading some of the comments. i don't normally read comments on youtube but i laughed out loud when i read one of them:

so there you have it, the three times the word juggalo came into my life in less than 24 hours. fascinating, i know.

and now for the bad video! it's me babbling about nothing. also, i'm wearing a hot pink shirt and the reflection upon my triple chins is quite hilarious.

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