Thursday, March 4, 2010

the fireside poets

do you know who the fireside poets are? like, actually know who they are? we had a question at trivia last night to name 3 out of the 5 of the fireside poets. we got one. no one else got any. so, in case someone ever asks you to name any of the fireside poets, here they are:

henry wadsworth longfellow
william cullen bryant
john greenleaf whittier
james russell lowell
oliver wendell holmes, sr

a funny story about our answer sheet on that round...the guys wrote down wadsworth and longfellow, as if they were two different people!


Jenn said...

I almost responded to your tweet with "0.00", but then I was all "OMG, what if everyone else knows who the fireside poets are" so then I didn't.

Also, I'm in LOVE with your new button. I have it up to pimp you out...

Dana said...

Ha I could not name one

stefanie said...

i figured if anyone i knew i would be able to name them, it would be my sister. wrong. she couldn't name ONE either.