Friday, March 26, 2010

fuck you, log pt 2

an update on the log situation...this is a doozy.

so the axle and the cv boot (whatever that is) need to be replaced. and the car needs to be re-aligned. i called our insurance company to file a claim and the bitch said that it's a collision claim which has a $500 deductible. a non-collision claim is only $200. the difference? if i had said that the log flew out of the truck in front of me and i ran over it that would be non-collision. really?! so because it was already in the road that doesn't make it a fucking ROAD HAZARD? i told the lady, "well, at some point that log DID fly out of the back of a truck..."

so the total cost of the repairs will be over $500 buuuut if this claim is going to make our premium go up at all, it won't be worth it.

and, really, i just want my car back. i am losing my mind :(

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