Friday, March 26, 2010

fuck you, log

pardon my language. or not, whatever.

on monday night i was driving home from the grocery store and i got into the turn lane on the highway to turn off into my neighborhood. there was a giant firewood log thing in the lane and it was positioned just so that i couldn't go around it without ending up in either the oncoming lane or the lane i had just come from with other cars whizzing by. i slowed way down and ran over the damn thing. i guess if i had really thought it through i could have stopped my car, got out, and put the damn log in my trunk. but who does that? it was pretttty rough and i remember thinking, "self, you're probably going to have a flat tire next time you get in the car." 

fast forward 48 hours to wednesday night (what? i'm unemployed and have approximately $0 so i don't always have reasons to leave the house) when i'm getting ready to head to trivia and i discover a ridiculously flat tire. i quickly hop into my mom's car and go about my business. so yesterday my dad and i (but mostly my dad) set out to change the tire or whatever. well, it turns out the entire wheel is bent/cracked? whaaat? so we had to get a new one from the dealership. my dad put my flat tire on the new wheel and took it up to lamb's tire and auto to (hopefully) be fixed. then this morning he drove the car with that rickety ass spare tire up there (it's only about 5 miles away) to have the alignment and some other stuff checked out because, you never know, that log could have fucked up other parts of my car as well. 

this has been SUCH an ordeal! i just want my damn car back. being stuck at home is kind of a pisser. i mean, yeah, i don't always have reasons to leave the house but yesterday i actually had to cancel TWO social engagements because i had no way to get there. ughhh! 

so, if you're driving down the highway and you lose a piece of your stupid fucking firewood, do the world a favor and stop and pick it up. damn wood. 

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