Tuesday, March 2, 2010

only 2 more weeks!

some years i don't care about my birthday much at all. other years i get really into the idea of celebrating it. i can't explain what causes the back and forth but this is one of the years where i'm excited to celebrate my birth. i'll be 27 in exactly 2 weeks. god, i still remember when i was 10 and i thought i was hot shit for being a 5th grader. that does not feel like it was 17 years ago. where does the time go?

my good friend amber was born 3 days before me so this year we decided to celebrate our birthdays together. we were at brunch at nomad on sunday, like we do at least once a month, when it hit me: we should have a birthday brunch! how fun is that going to be? i can't wait!

and i know all of you are wondering what you can get me for my birthday. well, wonder no more!

My Amazon.com Wish List

only kidding, mostly. but seriously, last year i posted my wishlist somewhere and at least 2 of my friends bought me stuff off it. that's pretty cool! i mean, just because i'm not getting married or having a baby doesn't mean that i shouldn't get to pick out my own gifts.

ps-i'm also always willing to accept southwest airlines giftcards and benefit lip gloss (kiss you is my preferred color now) :)

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Jenn said...

I LOVE the new design, seriously.

Also, I can't wait for nomad. I'm sick of drooling over your tweets!

I can't believe I've known you for 16 freakin' frackin' years, dude.

Time flies!