Friday, March 19, 2010

pet peeve #58: cutting

i've never been very tolerant of people who cut in lines. when i was in high school i used to call people out for cutting in front of me in the chicken nugget line. we're all hungry and we all know that the chicken nuggets are the best food in the cafeteria but we need to wait our damn turns.

my only goal for this sxsw was to see broken bells. the best chance to see them without a wristband was at the spinner/aol party on wednesday at 1:00pm. dana and i got in line around 12:30. the line was pretty long but once they actually started letting people in it moved pretty quickly. when we were up almost to the front, the girl in front of us let 4 guys cut with her. i made note of it immediately but i wasn't going to say anything unless it created a problem for us.

less than a minute after those 4 guys cut in front of us the girl handing out the wristbands was told how many more people she could let in. she counted down the line and guess what? those 4 guys were going to be the last people let in. that's when i almost lost it. i shouted out, "well the 4 guys that just cut in front of us need to get out of the line then!" the girl who let them cut kind of rolled her eyes and laughed. i was not amused. i raised my voice and probably used an expletive or two. the girl handing out the wristbands just sort of froze, not really sure what she should do. i repeated the basic sentiment from my first statement, only a lot more angry, and the assholes finally stepped out of the line.

being cut in front of here or there isn't the end of the world. during sxsw i will let it slide but if it's literally the difference between me getting into a show and me NOT getting into a show, you better watch out.

the party ended up being great, too! they had free beer, soda, chips, and hot dogs. the show was fantastic. i'm glad i saw that set because i heard their set later that night at stubb's was pretty blah.

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Jenn said...

I feel the same way! I know I've been a cutter before, but I will always take into account what is going on. If its a packed house, I'm ALWAYS smart enough to get in line early.

I've never been to SX, but I know I would have been running my mouth right next to you.

The bottom line is get there early or wait in line. It's your choice.

Did you change your comment settings? I've never been able to comment from work! I can comment on Cheryl's blog too!