Sunday, March 21, 2010


let's see if i can manage to recap my week! i'm going to post a silly picture from each day as well.

dana flew in! hooray! she's only been gone about 2 months but it feels like a lifetime. i picked her up in the evening and we headed to try to score from free drinks at a party at beauty bar. the line was looong and didn't move for the 60 seconds we were standing in it so we decided to go to side bar. i showed bonzai my id for the 10 millionth time. then dana couldn't find her id. she had shoved it in her backpack when she was flying earlier and forgot to put it back in her wallet thing. soooooo her loving father drove 30 minutes downtown to drop it off. while we were waiting for that we met up with josh and melissa and got in the line to pick up our pure volume passes. the line was pretty long but we had time to kill waiting for dana's dad anyway.

after we got our passes i ran into my friend kim who is in town from new york. we all went in and had a couple of drinks. well, i only had less than half of one. the free drinks were miller lite or deep eddy's tea infused vodka mixed with sweet leaf tea. i am not a fan of tea anyway, but vodka tea MIXED with tea? that's too much tea! we saw the kid who plays landry on friday night lights at the pure volume thing. he ended up being my only random celebrity sighting of the entire week.

i got tired of standing around there and the entire place smelled like a fart so we left to meet erin and alicia at side bar. we all left by midnight because we're old and lame. or because it ruins the entire week if you have a really wild tuesday night.

we woke up bright and early and got moving. dana wanted to get a pedicure and i wanted to go to party city to get some st. patrick's day flair because i forgot to bring anything green to wear. then we headed down to the eastside to scoop up hobbs and go get our wristbands for the fader fort. that line was pretty quick and the next thing i knew we were walking towards the convention center so hobbs could get her conference wristband. that's when we saw landry again. no bill murray (who was apparently ALL over the place) sighting but i see the same kid from friday night lights twice? weird.

we parted ways with hobbs at the convention center and headed to the parking garage on red river between 8th and 9th to see broken bells. you already know the story about that line so i won't get into that again. after that we stopped by the austinist party at mohawk but we got bored quickly so we went to fader for some free drinks. we ended up staying there pretty much all day. there was a "special guest" on the schedule for that night and we decided we'd stick around to see who it was. the rumor was that it was the flaming lips. ughh yeah, it was nas and damian marley. apparently we were the only people there who didn't give a shit about that which really surprised me. we fought our way (literally) out of the crowd and decided it was time to go home. 

we got a later start and had to park a little further away than we would have liked but it was cool. i got to meet up with my friend david which was awesome! he flew in on tuesday afternoon but i hadn't seen him yet. we all walked over to the eastbound and found party. it was kind of lame. i kept reading that it was sponsored by ziegenbach and some tequila company so i thought that meant free drinks. no, it meant $5 beers. david and i stuck around to see slow club, kind of, and then i went to meet dana at fader. then melissa got there shortly after i did.

we were at fader for a few hours. that's when i ran into jacob and everyone and let them charge their iphones on my charger. after fader we went to get pizza at stony's, then we tried to go to some open bar dj party on congress but it wasn't open bar and there were only about 5 people there. awkward. david came back downtown and met us as we headed to the night party at fader fort. i don't know what time we got there but the line was ass long and it, like, was not moving. we stood there for a pretty long time then realized how tired we all were so we decided to just got home. at that point i was unsure what i even wanted to do on friday because i was so exhausted. i was thinking about just staying home.

i convinced myself that i wanted to go to the village voice party at la zona rosa  to see the xx. dana and i got down there around 1:30 and the place was already packed with a line around the block. it looked like they were at capacity so there was no way we were ever going to get in. we cruised by the filter party at cedar street which i knew would be insane, and it was. so we decided to trek down to club deville for the brooklyn vegan party. no line, free drinks, and great bands. it was perfect. my friends chris and danielle were kind of wandering around, trying to find some parties so i had them meet up with us. it was fun! we stayed there for a while then jacob tried to meet us and there was a crazy long line so chris and danielle left to go to side bar with him. dana and i went to jaime's to eat because we realized we hadn't really eaten anything all day. josh and melissa met us at jaime's and josh and i left to go meet the others at side bar to see the generationalists. they were great! after that was over, though, i was pretty much exhausted and ready to go home.

the big day. the day we planned to go to rachael ray and perez hilton. the day it rained a ton in the morning. the day it never got above 50. the day where the windgusts were 30mph. we got in the line for rachael ray around 10:00. they opened the gates at 10:30 and we were in shortly after that. but it was freeeezing and stubb's is an outdoor venue. we ate a bunch of food and had a few drinks but mostly we just huddled around thinking about how cold we were. she and him were the closing band for that party and there was just no way i was going to miss that. we managed to stick it out for them and it was totally worth it. we were surrounded by douche bags in the crowd though. i didn't have a drink in my hand by that point but if i did, i would have poured it on them. they were the worst people on the planet. 

oh yeah, matthew mcconaugheyhey was at rachael ray's party to introduce mishka. i didn't see him again after that. that was also at 11:00 and i was quite surprised that he wasn't even awake then. he probably hadn't slept yet from the night before. 

even before we got into stubb's dana and i had pretty much decided that there was no way we were going to try to go to perez hilton's party. it was going to be insanely crowded and we'd have to wait in line for hours, in the freezing cold. i've seen snoop dogg before, i don't really give a shit about hole, and i can just buy some tito's. i think it was absolutely the right decision. i was beat when i got home last night. there's no way i would have survived the perez thing.

here's a list of bands i either saw or listened to from afar this week:
broken bells
we were promised jetpacks
free energy
freelance whales
nas w/damian marley
slow club
neon indian (from outside)
local natives
chew lips
the morning benders
sondre lerche
holly miranda
the antlers
the generationalists
bob schneider
the cringe
andrew wk
dr. dog
jakob dylan w/neko case and kelly hogan
she and him

i saw and did more stuff this year than ever before while spending less money and sleeping twice as much. i'm not sure how that's possible but it happened.

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