Friday, March 5, 2010

young and tall

at this point in my life i wouldn't necessarily refer to myself as young. there has never been in point in my life in which i would refer to myself as tall. however, at happy hour on thursday i found myself the youngest and the tallest in our group of 5. to be fair though, i am only 3 days younger than amber and i think i'm maaaaybe a quarter inch taller than scott and eric. but whatever, i'm the youngest and the tallest! i can say with certainty that that is the first time i've ever held that distinction in a group.

and because blogs are boring without pictures, here's me and amber from said happy hour (that actually lasted nearly 5 hours):

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Dyinetch said...

haha. i love it! i'm not tall as well and it makes me feel good when I hang out with someone shorter than me. lol ;D