Monday, March 8, 2010

you can probably learn a lot about me based on the contents of my purse

so i just read a post on blackberries to apples that has inspired me to explore, and share, the contents of my purse with you guys.

small andrews + blaine notepad
nail file
excedrin migraine
extra winterfresh
iphone charger
sunglasses (modeled on carmen)
2 hairclips
random sd memory card
a check for $2.79 from conn's made out to my friend chris
some random lip gloss
3 extra nb-4l batteries for the sd780 (seriously, 3 extra batteries?! i'm a weirdo)

my purse isn't even all that big. i can only imagine how much more shit would be in there if i carried a larger bag. sometimes i stuff books and food in there too. 

what's in your bag? 

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