Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a house brunch

i love brunch. if i had to choose between going out on a saturday night or going to brunch on sunday, i would pick brunch every time (unless the saturday night was a concert by one of my favorite bands). any regular reader of this blog probably knows that my favorite brunch spot in austin is nomad bar. brunch is catered by the traveling bistro and it is so delicious. i usually try to go at least once a month. in fact, that's how i'm celebrating my birthday this year.

anyway, my friend wysteria has a 6 month old daughter and going to brunch gets a little tricky for them sometimes so this past sunday wys offered to host brunch at her house. it was so much fun! we ate, drank mimosas, and played games.

sausage and cream cheese in crescent rolls

lil smokies in a special (secret) sauce

mini quiches 

cinnamon rolls

cheesy hash browns

mango orange juice

cheap champagne 

jacob, derek, and marley while we were playing encore

i am so down for more home brunches in the future. oh, and btw, that mango orange juice is bangin! it won't replace my daily orange juice but for mimosas, it's totally superior. 

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