Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a special piece of memorabilia

my mother is a pack rat. her mother was a pack rat. i have pack rat tendencies but i really try to keep it under control. i have about a box full of things that i would take with me each time i move, even if they remained in the box forever, because i simply can't part with them.

i have several setlists from gomez shows that i've been to over the years. i used to have them displayed in my room, with other memorabilia (like tickets, wristbands, and pictures) from the show affixed to them. i no longer have them up on the walls but i haven't been able to part with them. in may of 2006 i went on a roadtrip with 4 great friends to new orleans to see gomez. sam ended up with one of the setlists and tonight, that setlist was given to me. 

her boyfriend found it in a box of her stuff and he gave it to kelly when he stopped in san angelo over the weekend on his way to austin. kelly walked into amber's kitchen tonight with the setlist in his hand and i immediately said, "new orleans?" he told me that he wanted me to have it because he knew i would do something "creative" with it. i still have everything from that show so i will definitely be throwing it all into a frame sometime soon. it means to much to me to have it and i know that i'll treasure it forever. 

the 5 of us in new orleans, one of my all-time favorite pictures. i know i posted it recently but it's worth posting again because it's so great :) 

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