Wednesday, March 10, 2010

counting down from 36

three-hundred-twenty-nine days ago i started project 365. i can't believe i only have 36 days left to go. there have definitely been times that i've struggled with the project but it's already so insanely rewarding to go back and look through.

earlier today i started thinking about what i'm going to do when it's over. sure, i could start back up again but i don't really want to do that. however, i'm sure it's going to feel weird when it's over, not having that daily thought of, "i need to take a picture!"

when i started the project i thought it was going to help boost my creativity and, honestly, it didn't. i'm thinking of doing something like a "project 52" where i have a week to work on something before posting it. it's structured (which i need because i'm so lazy) but not too rigidly structured. i don't know.

and because a post about a photography project without a picture would just be WEIRD, i will share this one from september 10th (6 months ago):

day one-hundred-forty-eight: this is the only benefit to leaving for work at 7:00 am. the sky was gorgeous yesterday and today. 

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