Thursday, April 8, 2010

back in the land of the employed

i started my new job today. it went alright. i didn't do much though. i just filled out paperwork and did an assload of training modules on a computer in the world's coldest room ever. luckily i had a hoodie in my car but even with that on i was still really freaking cold.

things i am excited about now that i have this job:

things i am not excited about now that i have this job:
waking up to an alarm some mornings
working until 10:30 some nights
working some weekend days or nights

i was sooooooo used to my unemployment lifestyle. oh wells.

in other news, 15 days from now i will be on my very first trip to los angeles. other than a connection in lax a few years ago i've never been to l.a. isn't that weird? well, it seems weird to me since i've been to san francisco 6 times in 3 years and i have a few great friends who live in l.a. that i should have visited ages ago. anyway, i'm super pumped about the trip. i will still be mostly broke but megz has promised me fun, poor times and i cannot wait!

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Jenn said...

So you mean I can't just pick up the phone and call you at random times during the day to vent about some ridiculous bullshit?

And lunch dates will now have to be coordinated around your days off?


I'm really happy you found something though =)