Monday, April 5, 2010

this is only 3 weeks late

i just realized that i never really told y'all about my birthday brunch. my good friend amber was born on march 13 and i was born on march 16. we decided we would celebrate our birthdays together this year by making everyone come to brunch with us at nomad, since it's our favorite brunch in town. we always invite people to join us for brunch but most people usually flake because they don't want to wake up before noon on a sunday. we figured since it was our birthday celebration they had to show up. and show up they did! i think we had somewhere between 30 and 40 people there. it was so much fun!

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Jenn said...

I can still taste that waffle. Mmmmm.

Also, that is the HAWTEST picture of me in the history of ever. I look like I was dumping in my pants. At the table.