Tuesday, May 18, 2010

acl mix

i used to make acl mixes every year, sometimes even with cute cover art and everything. i guess because i haven't gone since 2007 i stopped making those mixes. i'm bored and i woke up way earlier than planned so i decided to make one for this year. this won't necessarily be the most current music by the artists i've chosen, in some cases it's just my favorite by that particular band. or it might be a song that i just think everyone should hear. whatever, it's my mix and they're my rules. this is just a tracklist anyway, i don't post songs for download on my blog because i don't want to hear about it.

1. the strokes-soma
2. matt & kim-daylight
3. the xx-intro
4. portugal. the man-colors
5. vampire weekend-m79
6. broken bells-high road
7. the temper trap-sweet disposition
8. the flaming lips-yoshimi battles the pink robots pt. 1
9. spoon-written in reverse
10. band of horses-islands on the coast
11. the morning benders-promises
12. the national-fake empire
13. yeasayer-rome
14. blind pilot-we are the tide
15. monsters of folk-say please
16. lcd soundsystem-daft punk is playing at my house

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