Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my obligatory acl lineup post

i haven't been to acl fest in years but i still get antsy when the lineup is released. this year's lineup just came out and, as usual, i am not really blown away by the headliners. i've never gone for the headliners though. i'm not going to the festival this year (unless somehow i randomly end up with free passes/a parking pass) but i got quite excited when i first read the lineup. but then i realized something, nearly all the bands that excited me are bands that i have seen before. if you've seen band of horses at the parish (which is pretty small), seeing them with 50,000 people isn't that appealing. so here's what excited me:

the strokes
the flaming lips
vampire weekend
band of horses
the national
broken bells
matt and kim
the xx
portugal. the man
the temper trap
the morning benders
blind pilot

there are only 5 bands on that list that i haven't seen before (vampire weekend, the national, yeasayer, the xx, and the temper trap). the last couple of years i have preferred to go to aftershows. you get to see a real set and you don't have to spend all day in the [insert random weather element here]. i would LOVE to see an aftershow with band of horses and the national at stubb's. yes, that would be ideal. maybe a yeasayer/matt and kim show at la zona rosa? yeah, i could see that. either way, i'll probably hit a friday and saturday aftershow assuming my finances permit.

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Jenn said...

I've never been to ACL. I had always wanted to go, but as the years pass, all of my friends complain about the shitty line up.

Anyhow, when I started working at PNC last summer, when ACL rolled around, it was a NIGHTMARE here at the office. The building management accepted some change to allow people to park here. Fine. I get here early enough that it doesn't bother me. BUT, our garage and entire complex is TRASHED by the end of the weekend. Barf on the walls in the parking garage, empty beer bottles/cans, piles of shoes that were so muddy they couldn't even make it into the trunk of the car.

I guess it just pisses me off because everyone loves Austin and we *try to keep it clean, but I guess when you're in a fucking parking garage, that doesn't count.

After last year, it took about a month to clean all the trash slash power wash every square inch of the garage from all the mud/vomit/other excrement