Tuesday, May 18, 2010

busy busy busy!

i love when my calendar is full. especially when it's full of social engagements!

i have friends coming to town the next three weekends in a row! i'm soooo excited! here's a rundown of what i'm doing, other than working, for the next couple of weeks:

5/19 appointment with neurologist-3:10
5/20 my bff comes to town!
5/21 round rock express baseball game@dell diamond-7:05 (or drinks at hideout if it decides to rain)
5/22-27 something with dana probably, haha
5/23 brunch@iron cactus-10:00, joshua's graduation party@his grandparents' house-3:00, alicia and marshall's wedding@zach theatre-7:30
5/26 appointment for cervical facet injections-9:45
5/27 sarah z comes to town!
5/29 sarah k comes to town! party@amber and lolo's house-9:00
5/30 brunch@nomad-11:00, bbq@cecily and steve's-2:00
6/4 special secret guests come to town! bbq@jason and lisa's

and breathe! i'm kind of exhausted just thinking about all of it but i'm sooooo excited.

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