Monday, May 17, 2010

i can finally blog about this!

even though i'm pretty sure rachel doesn't read my blog, i didn't want to post anything until i knew they were home and had seen it. oy, vague enough for you?

if you recall, i became art for my 27th birthday. when i got home on march 14th from my birthday brunch and rachel's father's memorial service, i had a genius idea. i wanted lisa bussett to make one of her awesome mixed media pieces for a wedding gift for rachel and david!

rachel and david at their wedding ceremony on march 7

rachel and david's wedding gift

i wish i had a better picture of it but i didn't really get a chance to take one before we dropped it off. what you can't see in this picture is their hair. it's the sheet music to harvest moon, which was their first dance. other details include their wedding invitation, a side bar logo (that's where they first met) concert ticket stubs, and eagle buttons (david is an eagle scout). i am soooo happy with how it turned out. 

my sister picked it up for me last sunday while i was at work and sunday night casey and i set off to try to break into their house to drop it off. breaking in was pretty easy because the back door was open. ha! rachel emailed me this morning and said, "i love all the little details, seems like you put a lot of thought into making it us."


Jenn said...

That turned out AMAZING! Lisa is really talented and you're lucky to have her as a friend!

That is probably the best wedding gift ever! Really, who needs another crock pot?

Oka said...

What an awesome gift..all those details..WOW

Jason said...

I am glad that they like it. Without my editorial input, it would have turned out so much better; I am sure that Lisa will be relieved...