Friday, May 14, 2010

the one where i complain a lot (more)

on monday morning i woke up feeling a little off. i spent most of the day trying to figure out if it was allergies or something more. it didn't quite feel like allergies but i was trying to remain optimistic that i wasn't actually sick. when i woke up on tuesday there was no doubt about it, it was not allergies. if you remember, my headache came back last friday so i was battling some sort of cold/sinus thing and my hideous headache at the same time. i went to work because i knew we were shorthanded and that's just the kind of trooper that i am.

wednesday morning i had to get up early (for me) to go get the second round of my occipital trigger point injections. last time i got two shots, one on the left side and one on the right side. this time i got six shots. yes, six. back of head, neck, and shoulders on left and right sides. somehow i survived it though. i was much more calm and relaxed than the last time. i swear, if they had tried giving me six shots when i was there a couple of weeks ago i would have definitely passed out. i went home to spend the next 2 days relaxing, hoping to recover from both the injections and the cold.

when i woke up on thursday my cold or whatever felt quite a bit better so i decided not to try to see my regular doctor about it. it really felt like it was on its way out. my injection sites were pretty sore but a couple of them in particular were ridiculously uncomfortable. i continued to take it easy knowing that i had to work 10-6 on friday. yeah, that didn't happen. when i got up this morning i felt way worse than i did yesterday so i had to call in sick. i hated doing it but i would have been completely useless and i just know there's no way i would have made it through the day.

i reached the coughing stage of this illness today and let me tell you, every time i cough it feels like one of those injection sites is going to explode. it is absolutely horrible. i spoke with one of the doctors from the pain management institute today and he agreed to call in a prescription for some painkillers for me. if i'm still all sore and puffy on monday i'm gonna go in and have them check me out to make sure everything's okay. i tried to get an appointment with my regular doctor to deal with this cold thing but they didn't have any appointments available. at this point there probably isn't much he could do for me anyway. if it is some sort of infection, i'm already on the 5th day so i doubt antibiotics would help much. and it might just be a cold, in which case i just need to let it run its course. the painkillers, which are pretty strong, haven't done anything other than make me feel wonky. the pain is still there! wtf?!

in two weeks i have to go back to get cervical facet injections. i'll be sedated for that one, thank god! hopefully my recovery will go more smoothly after that procedure. i'm a little nervous about it but i'm going to try to chill out about it.

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