Tuesday, May 11, 2010

finally going back to philly!

three years ago i went to philadelphia for a few days and had an absolute blast. i've been wanting to go back ever since but i've never found the right time to do so. last night a friend of mine asked if i was available for a reunion in philly on july 29th. the timing is perfect and she gifted me some miles so within an hour of her bringing it up, the flight was booked! i put in a request for the days off from work today and it was approved almost instantly. so i will be in the city of brotherly love july 28-31. woo!

my bff lives in new york now so i think we're gonna plan for her to take the train down at some point while i'm out there. i've already planned to go to the phillies game the night that i get to town, they're playing the d-backs. haha. on the 29th we're going to see joseph arthur in sellersville which is about 40 miles away from philly. i wouldn't mind getting a hotel near there and then taking a roundabout way back to the city so we can spend some time in new hope/lambertville. those little towns made a huge impression on me 3 years ago and i would like to go back. and another friend of ours works on a farm outside of the city and i would love to go visit her out there. so much to do in such a short amount of time!

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