Saturday, May 8, 2010

my favorites from a-z

i love making lists. i don't know why. when the remastered beatles albums were released, kgsr played the beatles a-z that entire day. well, jody denberg did actually. gah, i miss him. anyway, i was thinking about that the other day and i decided to do something similar. i'm going to list my favorite songs, a-z, from my itunes library.

ashes of american flags by wilco
blood bank by bon iver
come downstairs and say hello by guster
do you realize by the flaming lips
emile's vietnam in the sky by elvis perkins
family tree by ben kweller
go on, say it by blind pilot
harvest moon by neil young
i shall be released by the band
jesus, etc by wilco
knife by grizzly bear
lover's spit by broken social scene
miss new york by brendan hines
nightswimming by rem
our town by iris dement
ping one down by gomez
quattro by calexico
rhythm and blues alibi by gomez
salt point by buddy
this must be the place (naive melody) by the talking heads
up on cripple creek by the band
via chicago by wilco
wake up by arcade fire
xmas cake by rilo kiley
you can call me al by paul simon
zyx by gomez

keep in mind this is just based on what's in my itunes library and the mood i was in when i decided to make this list. i'm sure it could change daily!

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neil pilsen III said...

So, this is a pretty great list. I'm going to totally rip off your idea (which you clearly stole form KGSR) and do the same thing for one of the MANY CD's that I owe you. The irony is that i thought that the c is for cookie cd was a great idea...and only NOW do i realize that it was a precursor or postcursor to this list too... hmmm.... for shame stefanie. for shame. Hope that you're feeling better.