Saturday, May 8, 2010


on april 26 i had occipital trigger point injections in both my right and left sides. i've had similar injections before and i don't remember them hurting as bad as these did. omg, it was awful. i nearly passed out because it hurt so bad. i was in pretty extreme discomfort for a couple days after but the soreness finally died down. i was still experiencing the pain in my forehead but the headache stemming from the back of my head was gone. hooray! well, it was gone until i woke up this morning. i go back on wednesday to get the same injections again. then, somewhere down the line, i will more than likely undergo a procedure to have my nerve endings frozen. it's not a permanent solution but apparently it can last up to a year.

i really enjoyed the 8 or so days that i was mostly pain free but now i feel completely horrible. i think part of the reason i feel so awful is that i now remember what it's like to not feel bad all the time. does that make any sense?

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