Monday, May 31, 2010

amazing weekend 2 of 3

another spectacular weekend for the record books. my dear friend sarah z and her boyfriend arrived in austin around noon on friday. unfortunately i was working so i wasn't able to join them at trudy's. my plan was to meet up with them that night but i was beyond exhausted when i got off work and i had to be back at work at 8:00 on saturday morning so i decided to stay in and rest. i needed to bring my A game to amber and lolo's party on saturday night and that would require as much sleep as possible.

the party was a blast. so many of my favorite people! and it was great to finally meet aaron, sarah's boyfriend. he seems great!

aaron and sarah

everyone! i used the timer on my camera for the first time ever

looooove sarah

me and my loves

one of my sister's best friends came to town on saturday from raleigh. her name is also sarah! on sunday morning i had brunch with my sister, sarah k, and amber. i tried pork schnitzel for the first time and it was delicious! the waffle of the week was apple cream cheese. oh my goodness, it was incredible.  after brunch i headed back to my sister's house to help them get ready for a little bbq they were having later that afternoon. then i had to nap. i didn't get much sleep the night before. i probably could have slept the rest of the afternoon away but i didn't.

nels playing bean bag toss (commonly referred to as cornhole?!) 

cecily and sweaty nels

he got pretty angry at me because i wouldn't turn the water on for him

coming up this weekend: jbq with special out of town guests and NEIL YOUNG! i'm so excited! 

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Centrechick said...

When I was in Louisville last year for Gomez, a friend of mine from college was telling me about how much she enjoyed cornholing. I was driving and nearly died laughing (along with the three other people in the car! Seriously. I had to PULL OVER). She had NO idea what cornholing is to the REST of the country. Ah, Southerners!