Thursday, May 27, 2010

tessie watch-a baseball!

last wednesday after my doctor's appointment i went over to my sister's house. steve had just left for a church meeting and so i settled in on the couch to watch whatever was on the mlb network. when cecily and nels pulled into the driveway a few minutes later nels told cecily, "tessie* watch-a baseball!" he wasn't even in the house yet and he knew what i was doing. it's true, i have a problem. i watch baseball pretty much all the time. i will watch games that do not interest me in the least (yesterday that was seattle vs detroit). i watch boring games. i watch blowouts. i watch the boston freakin' redsox play the kansas city royal(loser)s. i can't help myself. the only games that i can rarely bring myself to watch at the marlins. that stadium is just so sad when there are only about 35 people in the stands. luckily i hardly ever find a marlins game on tv so i don't run into that problem too often.

i will also watch pretty much any episode of law and order: svu that is on usa, no matter how many times i've seen it. exceptions to that are the martin short and henry winkler episodes. i've seen them both a million times and they're so damn awful anyway. anywho, here's a cute picture!

papi and tessie at a yankees/rangers game in july, 2005

*i would like to address this nickname that my nephew has for me. my name is stefanie. several family members call me steffy. i used to hate it when people called me stef but i've gotten used to it. where he got this tessie crap i have no idea. he can say steffy, he just chooses not to. but it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever when he says, "my tessie!" 

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