Wednesday, May 26, 2010

amazing weekend 1 of 3

this past weekend started my three amazing weekends. friday night i went to a minor league baseball game with some of my bestest friends. once the sun set the weather was pretty beautiful and we had a really great time!

saturday was uneventful. i had a meeting then worked for a few hours. i opted to stay home saturday night to try to rest up for sunday sunday sunday. 

sunday began with brunch with my best friend at iron cactus. $5 bottomless mimosas? okay! mimosa served with a straw? no thank you.

after brunch i went to visit my friend wysteria who had just had her gallbladder removed. she's doing pretty well but needs help with miss lila (her 9 month old daughter) because she's not supposed to do any lifting for a few days. when i left there i swung by my sister's house to pick up her card for joshua, then met up with jason and lisa to head up to cedar park for joshua's graduation party.

we stayed there for a couple of hours then headed down to zach theatre for alicia and marshall's wedding! 

the ceremony was performed on the set of our town. it was so pretty!! alicia looked gorgeous. marshall jumped up and down like a little kid when he saw her walking down the aisle. it was totally adorable.

the reception was held in another building on the zach theatre property. there was food, drinks, dancing, and board games. it was a blast! 

check out this video of my friend david having a dance off with marshall's friend john who was serving the beer at the reception. i've seen lots of david's dance moves before and when i saw john cuttin' a rug i knew they had to have a dance off, so i suggested it to alicia. she was the bride, they had to comply! john requested the song. i've watched the video several times and i seriously lose my shit every time. it's hilarious! i can't decide which part is my favorite but i realllly love when john yells, "milli vanilli!" and david just knows what to do. 

coming up this weekend: sarah z, sarah k, party, brunch, and bbq! 

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