Wednesday, May 19, 2010

another doctor's appointment

i had yet another appointment with my neurologist (dr. couch) today. he doesn't think i should continue to see the pain management doctor (dr. mahendru). i don't really think i should either. the last set of injections didn't do anything but cause a huge amount of pain and discomfort. i'm actually still very sore from one of the injections. that is not normal. anyway, dr. couch basically said that dr. mahendru is now just experimenting on me because he doesn't know how to stop my pain. i'm not particularly interested in being an experimental pin cushion any longer. i'm sure he's extremely successful at managing pain for some patients but he doesn't know what's wrong with me, thus he doesn't know how to manage my pain. i'm more than likely going to cancel my appointment for the cervical facet injections next week. aside from the cost i just cannot deal with any more of this shit right now. being put under to get shots in my neck just doesn't sound like something i can handle very well.

tonight i started taking amitriptyline, which i will take nightly for a month. apparently it can really help with headaches as well as nerve pain. my brother-in-law was prescribed it a few months ago when he had shingles. anyway, i'll take it for a month and then go back to dr. couch to evaluate my progress on the drug. depending on my results i'll either a)continue to take it at 20mg a day b)begin taking a stronger dose or c)try another drug in that class. i really, really hope this works because i'm pretty much at my breaking point now.


livin wide said...

i've taken that for nerve pain as well. it didn't help me much but hopefully it will for you just be careful, it makes you really sleepy at first, till you get used to it. after that though, i had no side effects.

stefanie said...

yeah, i'm taking it at night so hopefully most of the drowsiness will wear off by the time i have to be up and at 'em tomorrow.