Monday, May 3, 2010

rachel and david are married!

two of my dearest friends were married on saturday. well, actually they were married on march 7 due to a family illness but they still had their big ceremony and party on may 1. i had been looking forward to it for many months because i knew it was going to be AWESOME. and guess what? it was!

they were married at this super cool place called starhill ranch, which was absolutely adorable. the ceremony was down in a little clearing with a gazebo, dinner in one big building, and dancing/cake in another building. artists played during the ceremony were arcade fire, wilco, and the beatles. it was perfect. their first dance was to one of my most favorite songs, harvest moon by neil young. i could barely keep from crying. it was just so perfect.

dinner was catered by pokejo's and let me tell you, that mac and cheese was DELISH. i was sitting next to geoff, one of the groomsmen, and he was saying he wished he had more mac and cheese even though he wasn't even finished with what was on his plate. i looked over at the food line and saw my friend johnny getting seconds so i hollered over to him to bring a plate of mac and cheese. haha! and their "signature drink" was tito's and sweet leaf lemonade with a mint leaf. super refreshing!

here are some of my favorite pictures and a couple of videos:


Leiah said...

That Thriller was awesome!

Jenn said...

That looks like the most fun wedding EVER!

I love that she wore a mustachio necklace! Also, Thriller? WAY Better than the motherfucking chicken dance, yo!

I love her dress and that picture of Josh with the old phone. I want to just kiss him to pieces! Love that guy!