Wednesday, May 5, 2010

robbins place

my friend kelly lived in this awesome house in west campus for a few years while he was in college. when i say that a lot of shit went down in that house, i mean a lot. some of my absolute favorite memories came from that house on robbins place. 80s parties, homemade t-shirt parties, march birthdays, october birthdays, random "drink our leftover bonnaroo beer" parties, you name it and it was celebrated there. many of my friendships began in that house too. that's where i met and fell in love with sarah, sam, robin, and amber! when kelly moved out in the summer of 2006 it felt like a part of all of us died. nothing would ever be exactly the same outside of that house. i think about it every once in a while and wonder what it's like now, what kind of people are living there and if they're creating memories that will last a lifetime. hopefully they aren't peeing in the ditch next to the house like we all had to do all the time (there was only one toilet!). i also hope they're actually using the kitchen because god knows kelly never did. i would say that i hope they're taking care of it but it's not really like we took care of it when we were spending time with it. yeah, i said, "with it" like it's a person or something. well, it was definitely a presence in all of our lives.

today i was trolling around facebook and a girl that i went to high school with posted some pictures from a baby shower that some of her friends threw for her recently. i casually clicked through them and then i realized something: THIS IS KELLY'S OLD HOUSE. it looks soooo different but i would know that front door, fireplace, and dining room anywhere. i couldn't believe it, i felt like i was in some parallel universe. i immediately sent some of the pics to kelly so he could see what his old house was up to. 

and to honor that house on robbins place, here are some (read: lots of) truly hilarious pictures taken there:

and i can't currently find ANY of my pictures from the t-shirt parties which is seriously bumming me out. anyway, i think you get the idea.

i listened to good news for people who love bad news by modest mouse while i wrote this and went through these pictures. now if only i could get a whiff of stale beer or bong water...then i'd really feel like i was back there.

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