Tuesday, June 29, 2010

damn my over active brain

on tuesday at 1:10 i'm going to see a podiatrist about my stupid foot. i am legit freaking out. i'm freaking out because what if he tells me that i have to wear the boot for 6 weeks??! i'm supposed to go to philadelphia in about 4 weeks. i can't navigate the airports AND public transportation with a stupid boot on. no way. i am seriously getting worked up at the thought of it. i need to calm the hell down though. i have no idea what i'm going to find out at the doctor tomorrow. but of course i'm assuming the worst.

in other news, did i mention that i'm going to have a new nephew on or before july 10? my sister's due date is actually july 22 but last week (4 weeks before her due date) he was already almost 7lbs! so they scheduled an induction for july 10. there's a chance that she could go into labor before then, of course. i just hope all of this goes much more smoothly than the last time she gave birth. oy, that was insane. so anyway, i have less than 2 weeks to convince them to name him something that i like, but make it seem like it was their idea :)

and because i feel weird when i blog without posting pictures, here's a heeelarious picture that i took back in april outside of austin radiological association when i was going to get an mri. i seriously lost my shit when i saw this. i want to meet the person who is responsible!

oh okay, i'm going to post another funny picture. the other night i was looking through pictures of my roadtrip to colorado with kelly 3 summers ago and i came across this one. we were stuck in a construction zone in new mexico, i was tired but kelly wouldn't let me fall asleep so i got a little wacky. i started taking weird pictures and this one ended up being my favorite. it's my favorite because i have a baby arm. i mean, really, that is a baby arm! 

hahahaha i just realized that i don't have a neck. this picture just gets better and better every time i look at it. 

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Lizzie said...

OMG, the Cher picture cracked me up and reminded me of one of the funniest things I've ever seen, when there was construction outside my apartment senior year, and they had those "post no bills" notices on the scaffolding, and someone taped up a picture of Bill Clinton. I think about that all the time.

This just inspired me to google it, and look, others have had the same idea. Though, I think taping or tacking something works better because that's more "posting" than the spray-painted stencils. But whatever, I shouldn't get so picky about my street jokes.

Or so wordy late at night.