Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ooohh project!

i'm kind of anal when it comes to planning things. when i travel, i have to carry either a binder or a big folder with ALL the information that i need, or could possibly need, for my trip. i mean, before garmin, i would print out google maps for everything. like, airport to hotel, hotel to pre-show bar, pre-show bar to concert venue, concert venue to post-show bar, post-show bar to hotel. yeah, i was that girl. with 2 upcoming trips i decided it was time for a new travel binder!

i bought this binder, some scrapbook paper and some stickers and made this:

there may or may not be dividers inside. and spreadsheets. yeah, i said i was anal. 


Erin said...

Ohhh! I'm that girl too! Or at least I was. Now I'm the one who has venues and hotels and all of that favorite-d into her GPS so all we have to do is hit the buttons and go. Obsessive? A little. But super handy.

The binder looks super cute, by the way.

stefanie said...

yeah, i have addresses and such either in my garmin or my iphone but i still have to have physical print outs of flight and other ticket confirmations to ease my crazy mind.