Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it feels like it's always soooomething

the medication i've been taking for my head has really helped. i've felt so much better these past couple of weeks than i have in a very long time. but of course now i have something else going on. wtf?! for a couple of weeks i've had a dull pain on the top of my right foot. on sunday it was anything but dull and hasn't stopped hurting since. i googled it and most of the results pointed towards a stress fracture. my friend bonnie recently spent 6 weeks in one of those awful franken-boots because she had a stress fracture. i described my pain to her and she said that it sounded exactly like her stress fracture. oh noes! i went to the doctor today and he seemed to think that was the problem but after a clean xray he diagnosed it as tendinitis. now i'm following the R.I.C.E. method of treatment: rest, ice, compression, elevation. oh and of course lots of painkillers. hopefully it heals quickly and i won't need any sort of boot or brace.

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