Tuesday, June 8, 2010

low-cut purple sparkley high kicks

on friday night when we watched the last waltz, lisa and i got up to do the van morrison "high" kicks during caravan. and i bet jenn thought this blog title had something to do with elton john or drill team.

the high kicks don't really start until the end but this is a really fucking good song so you should watch the video anyway. also, van is wearing a totally ridiculous outfit that you could easily spend 5 minutes looking at, wondering what the hell he was thinking. the kicks are at 4:19 and 4:30, i think. now picture 2 drunk girls holding onto the railing by the pool so they don't fall over as they do said high kicks.

also, if you haven't seen the last waltz like my crazy 45 year old so-called "music junkie" co-worker, you must get on that shit.

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