Sunday, July 18, 2010

adios jaime's

i can't even begin to think of how many times i've been to jaime's over the last 11 years. the first time i ever went there was august 13, 1999. it took a bit of digging for me to figure out the exact date but it was before i went to stubb's for the first time ever, which was to see ween. i went to jaime's before nearly every show i went to at stubb's unless the show was on a monday (because they're closed monday nights). last night, july 17, 2010, i went there for what will be the last time. they've lost their lease and will be closing the doors for good on july 30. i would be lying if i said that the food was amazing or that the margaritas didn't give me heartburn but i'm still going to miss that little nugget.

i took a bajillion pictures there yesterday.

then i switched to color accent! holla!

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