Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend pictures!

not only did my best friend come to austin on thursday, but my good friend bonnie came up from san antonio too! we went to vivo, spider house, and the united states art authority to see lisa's art.

strawberry martini at spider house
muddle strawberries and kettle one vodka, rimmed with raw sugar

bonnie at spider house

on friday i worked then helped babysit nels. it was pretty uneventful which was good because saturday and sunday were pretty long days. as i posted earlier, i went to jaime's with a few friends on saturday. 

haha note the tums in the picture, an absolute must for those margaritas!

after jaime's we went to side bar for a few hours and tasted their watermelon/strawberry infused tito's. i'm not going to lie to y'all, i didn't taste any strawberry in it. it was still pretty good though! when we left side bar we peaked in to check out the pants off dance off that was going on next door. it had just started and we didn't see anyone in there. just as we turned around to leave we saw these folks walking towards us.

on sunday morning a bunch of us met up at taverna for brunch. that place isn't very big and tends to get pretty crowded so we opted to get there at 10 to hopefully beat the rush. and we did. it was great!

me, joshua, and johnny

josh and i were wearing coordinating purple and black outfits

it was a very fun weekend. i've just completed day one of 9 days in a row that i have to work before going to pennsylvania. on one hand, being less than 9 days away from my trip is pretty exciting. but on the other hand, not having a day off that entire time makes those 9 days feel pretty damn long. 

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